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Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is more prevalent than ever. Right now it is estimated that 20 million chronic kidney diseaseAmericans are suffering from some stage of the illness. My father was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease a few years ago and he has shown most of the symptoms that we will explore in this article. Having chronic kidney disease means that for some time your kidneys have not been working the way they were intended to work. Your kidneys job is essentially to filter your blood. They remove waste products and extra fluid along with flushing them out from the body via urine. When your kidneys are sluggish, wastes build up in your blood and make you sick. Some people believe Read more…

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I remember years ago when I was a medical/surgical nurse, I had a acute pancreatitispatient with acute pancreatitis. The pain was just incredible for this individual and I hoped that I would never experience that pain. The pancreas is located in the abdomen – just below and behind the stomach. The pancreas produces chemicals called enzymes, which are needed to digest food. The main functions of this gland are to secrete chemicals that help break down food in the small intestine and to produce insulin Read more…

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About 5 million people in the United States suffer from congestive heart failure (CHF).  Approximately 550,000 new cases of the condition are diagnosed every year.  It is the most common hospital discharge diagnosis with more than one million hospital stays annually.  A person 40 years or more has a 1 in 5 chance of developing heart failure.  Congestive heart failure (CHF) affects 1% of the Read more…

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          Cellulitis is an infection of the skin and underlying tissues that can affect any area of the body.  It often begins in an area of broken skin, like a cut or scratch.  Then bacteria invade and spread, causing inflammation, pain, swelling, warmth Read more…

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        Back in 1985 I had surgery, a double bunionectomy.  A bunionectomy is the surgical correction of a protrusion of the MP joint. Very simply, it is a painful swelling of the bursa of the first joint of the big toe.  This deformity makes walking difficult and usually produces a thick callus or ulceration when the bunion makes shoes ill-fitting.  In 1985 it was very common to place a cast from the foot up to the knee after this operation (as in my case).  Many times Read more…

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           Most knee problems are caused by osteoarthritis (OA).  In fact, OA of the knee is one of the five leading causes of disability among elderly men and women.  The risk for disability of the knee is as great as that from cardiovascular disease.  I use to work for orthopaedic surgeons and I’m quite familiar with this common disease.  Osteoarthritis is actually wear-and-tear arthritis that is Read more…

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