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        I apologize for my delay in blogging for quite some time. Unfortunately, I have been doing some medical-legal work and was recently laid off due to the famous “lack of work” scenario. After a much needed vacation in Florida for the past ten days, I decided that there is not a lack of work right here at home sweet home, and I am going to commit Read more…

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Good afternoon all!  It has been awhile and I’m sorry for the delay – today’s post is actually a guest post by Maryanne Osberg and her contact information is included in the post.  Good to be back!  Stephanie


If you’re interested in medicine and would like to work in this field, perhaps becoming a nurse is the best way to go.  Sure it’s great to be a doctor, but you must spend at least ten years of your life in school before you get to practice medicine on a full-time basis.  If Read more…

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          Electronic Health Record (EHR), also called Computerized Patient Record (CPR) or Electronic Medical Record (EMR) relate to a patient’s medical record in an electronic format, accessible by computers on a network for the primary purpose of providing health care and health-related services.  Although these terms are often used interchangeably, there is a distinct difference in the definition of each one.  So which Read more…

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Stephanie Jewett, RN, MBA

          As you recall from yesterday’s post, this is an interview with Jill Schaben, RN, BSN, and intensive care nurse at Nebraska Medical Center.  I’ve tried to ask her some specific questions as it relates to her job and hopefully these answers will address some of your questions Read more…

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       If it is your desire to become a nurse, the long-term prospects for your employment are great!  The U.S. Department of Labor projects the creation of more than 587,000 new nursing positions nationally by 2016, with a nurse vacancy rate of approximately 6%.  This statistic is projected to grow to 12% by this year (2010) and to 20% by the year 2020.  Despite the national trend and the above statistics, the present economic downturn has led to a temporary Read more…

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          As a registered nurse with numerous years experience in caring for the oncology patient, one of the most rewarding fields has been preparing the individual, family and friends for the end-of-life process.  Unfortunately, however, all too often there are inexperienced nurses that jump into this arena with little or no advice and/or knowledge of the death and dying stages.  According to Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, there are 5 distinct Read more…

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