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          Anorexia is a general loss of appetite or no interest in food.  Many times Anorexia Nervosa is simply referred to as anorexia, but Anorexia Nervosa is defined as a psychological disorder.  The patient has a distorted body image and an irrational fear of becoming overweight – so he/she deliberately attempts to lose weight.  It is a somber Read more…

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            Ten years ago I practiced as a registered nurse in the field of in-patient and outpatient mental health.  The settings were both adult psychiatric units that dealt with a host of issues, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic and phobia disorders, post-traumatic stress, schizophrenia, ADD, eating disorder, delirium, suicide attempts, etc.  It was truly a field of its own.  Mental health nursing can Read more…

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