This is a guest post by Patricia Walling who is a web content creator with an avid interest in healthcare and nursing.  Patricia can be reached by email at: patwalling85@gmail.com

As a field, nursing has seen an explosion in growth in recent years. The aging of the American population has led the Bureau of Labor and Statistics to predict job growth to increase by 22 percent by 2018, far out-stripping the national average. For many, the good pay and job security (which is even better than that of other popular fields, such as medical transcription) of nursing have made it an ideal career path, and nursing schools have blossomed across the country. However, each Continue reading


          When I went to nursing school (1974) there was no question for me to get through a program as quickly as I could.  My training was done at a hospital in Iowa and I received my diploma in nursing.  It took three years, with summers off.  Today, there are several programs that offer AD (associate degree) in nursing, mostly at community colleges, and it can be competed Continue reading