Shakeology vs 310 Shake: Which One Is Better?

Shakeology vs 310 Shake: Which One Is Better?

Showdown: Shakeology vs 310 Shake

Weight loss is a subject that involves many things. There are exercise, diets, and supplements to help with the process. Shakes are part of the subject. Many people around the world use them as meal replacement options. From customer reviews, it is evident that meal replacement shakes actually work. They have helped users drop excess pounds.  

However, there are many shake brands in the market. It may be confusing deciding which one to buy. The easiest way to pick the best shake for you is through comparing them. For this reason, below is a comparison Shakeology vs 310 Shake.  

Well, let us start with the similarities between the two meal replacement shakes because they are both worthwhile. Now, both 310 and Shakeology do not contain artificial sweeteners. This way, you can be sure they are safe for your health and there will be no side effects or drawbacks in your weight loss goals. They both boast of natural ingredients. Therefore, if you are looking for products that will do your body no harm, you already have two to add to your list of consideration. The minerals, vitamins, and fibers in these brands are beneficial to your body.

Now, on to the differences between Shakeology nutrition label and 310 Shake. This is where you need to pay more attention.


310 has worked towards producing shakes with great taste and texture in addition to flavor variety. Many 310 shakes are plant-based with mouthwatering tastes. The non-artificial, creamy flavors are to die for. All you do is mix the shake with water and you are ready for a delicious drink. The flavors to choose from include vanilla, chocolate, mocha, vanilla chai, salted caramel, and strawberry.  

For Shakeology nutrition shake, it has plant-based taste, yes, but it is bland. If you do not like flavored shakes, then Shakeology is what you need. It is healthier compared to many other brands only that it is not as tasty as 310. Its thick texture is something. According to Shakeology reviews, some users had a difficult time drinking due to its thickness. Unless you like thick drinks, consider buying another weight loss shake. 


Protein is a crucial component of any meal replacement shake. It contributes to making you feel full so you do not eat as often. If protein quality and quantity are poor then losing weight may be more strenuous.  

Shakeology and 310 shakes have a close protein quantity standing at 16g and 15g respectively. About the quality of protein in the two shakes, Shakeology ingredient list includes quinoa, sacha inchi, whey, flax, pea, and chia. There are plant-based and whey proteins in the shake. Such are essential in promoting weight loss and providing one with the energy one needs daily. 310 Shake has hemp, brown rice, and pea. They enrich the body and brown rice is always better than white rice, as it is more nutritious.


Low calories foster the loss of excess weight. Shakeology has 130 calories while 310 has 90 calories, making it lower in calories level. The extra 40 calories in Shakeology makes it slower at lowering weight than 310.  


Sugar accelerates weight gain. 310 Shake contains no artificial sugars or fructose. Its whey shake contains 1g of sugar only. That is why Shakeology would not be a good choice considering its higher sugar content. Each serving has 7g sugar. With fructose on the shakeology ingredients list, it is not a worthwhile meal replacement shake.

Fiber content 

Fiber makes you fill full just like protein does. It eases digestion and eliminates toxins from your system. An excellent shake has a great amount of fiber. Shakeology nutrition facts show it has 3g of fiber per serving while 310 has 5g. Nonetheless, it does not mean that Shakeology is a bad product. It simply has lower fiber content than its counterpart.  


If you choose to use Shakeology, you will pay approximately $130 for a month’s supply. On the other hand, 310 Shake offers a better option. It goes for $68 for a 30 days’ supply, which is a month. Remembering that 310 tastes amazing, and has no artificial ingredients or fructose makes it better than Shakeology.  

Bottom Line 

310 shake has an upper hand when compared with Shakeology. From the above Shakeology comparison with 310, it is clear that 310 has a better composition and is available at a lower price. It contains no fructose, has lower calories and more fiber. From more research, you will find that it also contains 7g carbs and zero cholesterol unlike Shakeology’s 14g carbs and 1g fat. However, if you still like Shakeology even after reading the comparison, the decision to purchase it lies in you.