For the past week I have been trying to figure out how to make my website better for my readers. I give up! I’m really from the old school and have no idea what I am doing in the IT department. Finally a friend of mine said to stop trying to re-invent the wheel and get some help. For those of you who know me, it drives me bonkers when I don’t understand something. If it is related to medicine, business or law – bring it on! But this new era of search engine optimization, Meta tags, affiliate marketing, AdSense, etc. is rather overwhelming to me. So, long story short, I have hired someone to revamp my site – make it fresher, more crisp and friendly to any app you are using. The new site will be ready at the end of the month and I will start my newsletter June 1st. I also had an email from a reliable source that wanted to do a guest post on the drug Zofran and how it can harm those that are pregnant. That is something I want my readers to know about, and so I will allow some guest posts with prior approval. Continue reading

A Registered Nurse’s Brush With Death

Good morning all!  By way of introduction, my name is Stephanie Shore Jewett, a proud nursing graduate of Mercy Medical Center (class of 1977), a registered nurse with Mercy for over 20 years, a mother of two great sons, ages 17 and 25 AND a new grandmother to Anson Jewett, age 5 months. Further, I am the great grand-daughter of F.E.V. Shore, the 4th Chief of Staff of Mercy, who was also instrumental in bringing Mercy to Des Moines, Iowa.  Both my grandfather, Gerald A. Jewett, Sr. and my father, Gerald A. Jewett, Jr. have been very active in serving on several of the Continue reading


I’m taking a break from the normal post today for two reasons:

  • We are on vacation for a quick week in Marco Island, Florida!
  • There is a contest at Lydia’s Uniforms blog for the best of the top 25 nursing blogs.

First of all, the pictures are of my two sons, Ryland (22) and Kingsley (14).  Ryland is pictured with the longer hair; Kingsley is my ‘little’ one with shorter hair.  The picture of all three includes my father, Jerry (84).  He has rented a condominium here every winter for the last 28 years to get out of the beastly cold in Iowa!  He stated this was the coldest winter in southern Florida that he can remember in all of those years.  My youngest son was watching the news on the computer last night and learned that our home town had just received another ‘last blast’ of snow, totaling 6.7 inches reported at the airport.  This has been an incredible winter all over the US.

We’ve had a great time thus far, although the weather has been on the chilly side.  We arrived Monday, the 15th and are headed back tomorrow morning.  It has been an extremely fast trip to say the least.  Today is going to be another wet one I understand and it appears that we will be flying out in the rain tomorrow as well.  At least we were able to enjoy a couple of beautiful days, and the sounds and views are magnificent.  Our location is just 1 block from the Gulf, on the West side of Florida, 14 miles south of Naples.  It is a rather quaint, small community where you can just RELAX – nothing fancy. Great escape, but I’m ready to go home AND I miss my dog!

I hope that you are all enjoying my blog.  I just started blogging this year (latter part of January) and initially I had intended on sharing past nursing experiences (30+ years now) and knowledge with colleagues and nursing students.  However, when I looked at other sites on the Internet, I did not find any real nursing education sites for patients or the general public.  So, my blog is addressing several subjects, mainly diseases and disorders, that are geared toward not only colleagues and students but also moms, caregivers, patients and the general public.  You are always welcome to email me or leave a comment on my ‘About Me’ page with any topics you may want discussed or other ideas are certainly welcome.

Lastly, I would like all of you to take the time to visit the site mentioned below and vote for my blog, Nursing Comments.  Lydia’s Uniforms blog is having a contest for the top nursing blog site out of their list of the top 25.  It will just take a moment and could help me gain many more readers!  Just hit the http site below and it will take you to the correct voting page to cast your vote.  Scroll down the page and just fill in the circle with a click of your mouse next to ‘Nursing Comments’ and then hit submit (cast) your vote.  Thanks so much, Stephanie